About Us

 About Our Products 


Inborn Essence products are handcrafted to guide us all towards optimal wellness the way it was always intended to be by using what grows from the earth. 

Inborn Essence offers luxury loose leaf natural and organic herbs, hand blended in small batches.

We also handcraft herbal glycerites for those who want the benefits of herbs quickly!

Our goal is to create luxury, wholesome and rejuvenating loose leaf herbal tea blends and glycerites to assist women and our families on the journey to self, our inborn essence.

About The Creator Of Inborn Essence™️

Inborn Essence was created by Harmony who is a mother as well as a nurse and herbalist. Harmony has always loved the outdoors, flowers, and anything natural. As a kid she would play in the woods behind her grandmothers house. In the backyard was her play kitchen where she would use her pots and pans to make mud pies sprinkled with dandelion flowers. As she got older she would make facial masks from strawberries, cantaloupe, avocados, oatmeal, and whatever else she found would work.

When she was trying to conceive her first child, Harmony looked for natural products such as red raspberry leaf to help boost her fertility. There were just a few products that she could find nearby that weren’t pricey or contained lots of fillers. While nursing her children, she would search all over to find natural products to help with increasing her milk supply such as fenugreek and yeast. After browsing the internet for hours and driving her car around town she was able to find herbs and was delighted with the effects of the herbs.

As Harmony’s children grew she would search for natural ways to help with stomach upsets, anxiety, sleepless nights, seasonal allergies, colds and so much more. The answers weren’t always easy to find but she always seemed to find exactly what she sought after.

After studying, learning, buying, and living with herbs, she began to make recommendations to others who would come seeking her advice.
They then brought others to her for herbal and wellness advice. 

Harmony quickly became passionate about wanting to have more say so in regards to the quality of what she and her community were ingesting when using herbal products and she wanted the option for higher quality herbal products more easily available to them. This then lead Harmony down the path of creating and preparing her own line of natural herbal offerings. Harmony’s passion for herbs and helping others is what has birthed Inborn Essence™️ LLC.